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How To Pass The Urine Test?

A urine test is mandatory in most sports today; corporate house are fast catching up and requiring their employees to submit to a compulsory urine test. The primary objective of a urine test is to check for the presence of
  • Performance enhancing steroids

  • Prohibited substances such as cocaine and heroin.

Failing a urine test can be totally devastating. It debars an individual from a lifetime of opportunities and blots the career graph completely. Many successful athletes have gone into oblivion after failing a urine test. An employee will undoubtedly go through similar ignominies.

The Process Of Urine Testing

The process of testing a urine sample is fairly simple. Firstly care is taken to ensure no tampering of the samples. Thereafter the urine sample goes through a battery of tests to first determine any sign of abuse. In case the results are negative, the case rests, however in case the results are positive the findings are further subjected to gas chromatography or mass spectrometry. Some employers ask for specific drug analysis such as oxycodone and diamorphine, as these are more prone to abuse.

Qcarbo The Fast Cleansing Formulae For Passing Urine Tests

The Qcarbo fast cleansing formulae, is the most efficient and reliable way of passing the urine tests. For best results it is necessary to abstain from any kind of substance abuse, two days before the crucial test. This is simply to ensure that no metabolites can be traced. Substances like heroin and cannabis can be detected only a few hours after use but their metabolites can be detected for much longer.

How to use QCarbo?

  • First, certain precautions have to be taken to ensure that the QCarbo functions optimally. Abstain from consuming any unwanted substances or drugs, 2 days prior to testing

  • Consume the entire bottle of QCarbo fast cleanser on an empty stomach 1 to 2 hours prior to testing. 20 minutes thereafter, refill the bottle with water and drink there remaining liquid.

  • Urinate frequently. Consume water and other beverages to induce urination. Frequent urination flushes out the toxins. Ensure that you have urinated two times before giving the sample.

  • The QCarbo is effective only for those who weigh below 180 pounds. Even heavy substance user, something more potent like the QCarboPlus with Super Boost Capsules or a complete Detoxification Kit.

The QCarbo fast cleanser is available in six delicious flavours: Cran-Apple, Cranberry, Grape, Tropical, Orange, and Strawberry Mango.

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